About The Book

In the four years of the Korean War, America lost almost fifty-four thousand men, roughly the same number who lost their lives in Vietnam, yet this war has almost disappeared into American history as the "Forgotten War." George-3-7th Marines recounts the bloody Marine infantry campaigns fought in the deadly mountain ranges of Korea. It is a story told by the men who fought—and died anonymously— in a little-known yet bloody war.

These never-before-told tales of the battle-hardened Marines of G-3-7 have been collected and recorded by one of their own. Described by those who experienced the action firsthand, these accounts blend the shocking details of savage, bloody killing with gentle, almost heartbreaking prose seldom seen in a chronicle of war.

Jim Nicholson paints a brutally accurate picture of America and the Valhalla culture that shaped the toughness of soldiers in the fifties. He examines the events and mistakes that led to a collision of the free world with the rapidly expanding Communist military machine. He reminds us that the sacrifice of young American boys saved the South Koreans, who now live freely in their beautiful "Land of the Morning Calm."



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